Keynote Continuing Education Sessions

“Building a Championship Culture by Playing Small Ball to Get Big Results”

Joel Goldberg
Author & Member of the Kansas City Royals Television Broadcast

Joel Goldberg

Small Ball, Big Results is about the small things that add up to the big wins in baseball, business, and in life. Culture matters in every profession. It is vitally important for leaders to focus on creating and sustaining a winning atmosphere and a championship mindset with their teams. Research has demonstrated that when employees and senior leaders have the same view of the culture, employee engagement metrics are markedly higher than those in less aligned cultures. Employees who embrace their culture and hold the organization's mission as their own are more engaged in their work and in the organization as a whole. Through powerful storytelling, Joel Goldberg shares how building a stronger culture is the foundation to success, and it requires playing Small Ball every day.

Attendees will learn:

  • How to build trust within a team
  • The power of positivity
  • Knowing that every role matters
  • Making adjustments when you've hit a curve
“Why do I Feel Like Crap?” Mental Health and Burnout in Dentistry

Jessica Metcalfe, DMD
Founder, The Alchemist Dentist, International Speaker, Confidence Coach

Jessica Metcalfe

It's been a hell of a couple of years which feels like decades. You notice you're waking up in the middle of the night stressing about a conversation that was had or an upcoming treatment plan. You may even notice things that didn't usually stress you out, are causing more anxiousness and overwhelm. It feels as if you can't catch a break and as you hold your team and clinic together, all you want is someone to tell you, "You're doing a good job and it's going to be okay." As we slowly move into a world post-pandemic, it's time to bring to light the importance of talking about burnout in dentistry. Stop struggling to create a work-life balance and re-think your approach to a busy professional life that allows you to have more energy, freedom and enjoyment each day.

Learning Objectives:

  • Address the implications of burnout caused by stress associated with today’s modern lifestyle
  • Design a framework and navigate a series of tools to help proactively manage your energy before you allow stress to overwhelm you and limit your performance
  • Learn how to spot when stress is building and decide when it’s time to re-adjust your strategy
  • Stop asking “how she/he does it all?” and learn what "all" actually is
  • Manage stress around relationships, decision making, daily habits
  • Identity how to detach from work, improve self-care, enjoy interests and playtime

Thursday Experts Continuing Education Sessions

Practice Management: Fundamentals and Trends

We are excited to introduce our inaugural Expert Session on Thursday, October 20th. This is an all-day event that will occur each year as a start to the EndoCon meeting. The goal behind the Expert Session is to provide topics that are typically not addressed in other continuing education events, and are often learned through real world experience. The Expert Session is designed based on the feedback of our clinical advisory team composed of seasoned endodontists, dental consultants, and recent graduates to bring a balanced perspective on the future of endodontics.

The topics for the 2022 Expert Session will be as follows:

  • Financial Decisions the Doctor Must Get Right: Flipping Uncertainty Into Security
  • Practice Financials: Metrics or KPIs Every Practice Should Track
  • Negotiating Contracts: Buyer/Seller, Owner/Associate, Corporate Offers
  • Panel Discussion: What is the Impact of the Last Few Years on Endo Practices?
  • Peer Perspective: Emerging Trends

List of Speakers:
Charles Loretto, Partner, Cain Watters & Associates
Kirk Coury, DDS, MS | Adam Davis, DDS, MSD | James Smith, DMD | Michael Tulkki, DDS, MS

Clinician Continuing Education Sessions

Efficiency in Endodontics

Scott Sutter, DDS

Finesse and the Fractured Tooth: A Guide to Clinical Management

Rahim Karmali, DDS

Leveraging Technology to Save Broken Down Teeth

Mark Limosani, DMD

Through the Lens of a Leader

Terryl A. Propper, DDS, MS
Chief Dental Officer, Co-Founder Endodontic Practice Partners
(Women in Endo Luncheon, non-CE session)

The Impact of Consumer Trends on the Patient Journey

Alma Salazar, Assoc. VP Consumer & Professional Mktg, Sonendo
Tadros Tadros, DDS, CAGS
Tom Hartsock, DMD

Demystifying Social Media Marketing for Practice Growth

Stephanie Theodoropolous, VP of Strategy & Client Service

The Science of Strong Teeth

David Clark, DDS

One Year with CleanFlow™: Improved Workflow and Efficiency

Logan Bell, DDS, MS

The Most Apical Root Canal, the Knowns and Unknowns. Effective Strategies.

Markus Haapasalo, DDS, PhD

Obturating Minimally Prepared Canals

James Smith, DMD
Mark Limosani, DMD

Contemporaneous Record Keeping

Bill Seddon, BDS

Radiographic and Clinical Results at One and Two Years with CleanFlow

John Khademi, DDS, MS

SEM Evidence of Laser Irrigation: A Pilot Study

David Jaramillo, DDS

Demonstration Operatory Continuing Education Sessions

Introduction to Photography

Scott Bentkover, DDS
Peter Endo, DDS

How to Train an Assistant

Edward Kasper, DMD, MS
Kim Lopez

How to Really Use a Microscope

Carlos Murgel, CD, Dr.

Ergonomic Efficiency for Doctors and Assistants

Jessica Roeber, DDS, MS, PC
Joy Haskins, RDA

Dental Assistant Roundtable

Joy Haskins, RDA
Kim Lopez

The Life-Enhancing Impact of Technology in Contemporary Endodontics

Kirk Coury, DDS, MS

Innovation Showcase

Technology Showcase

Richard M. Simcock, DDS
Sponsor Sonendo, non-CE

Transitioning from Conventional Clean/Shape/Pack Endodontics to Non-Instrumentation Endodontics with Advanced Irrigation

John Khademi, DDS, MS
Eric Herbranson, DDS, MS
Sponsor SS White Dental, non-CE

Instrumentation Strategies for Minimally Invasive Disinfectionn

Ron Hill, DDS, MSD
Sponsor Avalon Biomed, non-CE

Dental Assistant & Office Manager Sessions

  • Front Office 101: Setting the Appointment Up for Success
  • Dental Assistant Round Table
  • Office Manager Round Table
  • Managing Insurance and Billing
  • Practical Tips for Practice Marketing
  • Managing the Emergency
  • Embezzlement Protection
  • Advanced Platform Building
  • Successful GentleWave® Console Maintenance and Management
  • Website Design Essentials
  • Exciting TDO Cloud Features
  • A Day in the Life of TDO: Front Office
  • A Day in the Life of TDO: Back Office
  • Patient Registration/Infograbber
  • TDO Admin: Advanced & Manager Report Checklist
  • Customize TDO
  • Hidden Treasure
  • CyberSecurity BootCamp: Everything You Need to Know to Secure Your Practice

Learning Lab

  • TDO Software and GentleWave Console Hands-on